Dear Mom of Toddlers and Newborns, I See You! Actually, I remember being you.

I remember feeling overwhelmed and frantic because I felt like I had a child hanging from every limb of my body.

I remember not being able to go to the bathroom in peace. Heck, I remember not having much peace AT ALL.

Yes, I have a middle schooler and a late elementary schooler, BUT, WHOA, I’m done telling my friends with little ones to “just wait” until they get older.

Although the warning may be justifiably accurate because us Mamas with middle schoolers wish we were merely struggling to get them to sleep through the night… It’s just not helpful to the Mom that hasn’t slept in days and IS CURRENTLY trying to get her screaming baby to “JUST GO TO SLEEP, PLEASE!”

But let’s keep it real. Moms of teens and pre-teens secretly sigh a breath of relief when we are in a store and it’s not our toddler that is shouting at his Mom….Shouting that he has to have the batman toy while stomping his foot and calling her names because she won’t buy the toy.

I mean there are perks of having amazing small adults with opinions about things other than Mickey Mouse Club House…but I also remember how lonely it felt some days and how hard it was when I was just trying to do my very best when my babes were so tiny they needed me every second of the day.

So, here I am sharing with you that we should stop telling Moms of young ones to just wait until they get older.

It isn’t helpful. It isn’t nice or compassionate. And it can be downright hurtful.

This is their season. This is the season they are currently in and it’s a quicksand type of feeling sometimes.

We should be throwing life preservers at them, not ugly phrases belittling their feelings.

So, I am suggesting we politely keep our opinions of how easy they have it to ourselves and just love on them today, because you never know who might need a friend!