Light speed ahead!

Get my workout in, be dressed before the kids get up, feed them a well-balanced breakfast, braid my daughter’s hair and get them to school before school actually starts!

These are all the thoughts racing through my mind before I even put my feet on the ground! Zero to sixty in 5.2 seconds… that’s me…these kind of racing, light speed ahead thoughts pretty much sum up who I am, and girlfriend, let me just say that nothing has described me so well since my high school addiction to Britney Spears!

He’s capable

It’s in the midst of the chaos, that I hear a whisper.

“Slow down…come to me…give your burden to me.”

Usually it takes me going in circles (you know…looking for the car keys…sunglasses and coffee I just poured but seemed to have completely disappeared making me question if I even poured it in the first place)…yeah, those kind of circles.

Anyhow, like I said, sometimes it takes me going in circles, feeling like I’m losing my mind, before I actually hear the Holy Spirit asking me to come to Him and give Him ALL of my burdens!

Sometimes, I actually ask if it’s too much…Are my burdens too much? Is it too much crazy to lay at His feet?


He can take my crazy whirlwind thoughts and emotions and He can equip me with the necessary tools I need to get through my day…and often times it’s more than that! It’s a feeling of relief…like taking my shoes off after a long day and slipping into a cozy pair of fuzzy slippers!

Glamorous Sparkle

Any other Mama Bears out there that feel the same way?

Maybe you feel as coo coo as a clock at times.

Life can get CRAZY!  

I mean, life is HARD.

life is MESSY.

life is complicated and it can make you lose your breath faster than your kids can make a complete mess of their rooms!

But on the beautiful flip side…there is so much joy that falls in between the craziness and the messiness! There is hope (in Jesus) in the midst of the whirlwind…and THAT IS WHAT GIVES LIFE ITS SPARKLE!

Without the bad (crazy mess) there would be no good (glamorous sparkle)…and I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to live a life with zero sparkle!

Encouragement For Your Soul

Jesus wants you to live a life of sparkle! Not a dull, passive, monotonous life. Never forget that God has entrusted you with His Holy Spirit! He’s always there for the joyful times…in the somber, dark and dull times… even in the senseless, impractical and totally unsound times!

Life can get messy, but it’s in the middle of the hurricane that there is beauty and hope..hope in Jesus! Call on Him and He’ll take every single one of your burdens, crazy thoughts and emotionally heavy battles and replace it with His love…His magnificent, sparkly LOVE!

Unburden Your Heart, Sister!

It’s about time sister! Go to Him today! Go to Him with ALL of your affliction and anxiety. Talk to Him and really unburden your heart and know He can handle everything you speak with Him.