Last night I was laying in bed and before I began to doze off, a very vivid memory hit me hard.

Let me share it with you today.

I sat silently in my car. It had been one of those mornings. You know the kind I’m talking about.

It started out just fine. Drinking delicious hot coffee, the kids got up with no attitude and I even had time to make eggs for the kids (who am I). But somehow that serenity didn’t last long. Suddenly it was 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave in order to get to school ON TIME.

Scramble around the house turning the lights off.

Stumble over the cat for the third time.

Search the house looking for my keys.

Yell a little at the kids to hurry up although, secretly, I knew I was the one holding us up.

Rush out of the house.

Jump in the car.

Practically fly to school just in time to scoot them into class before the morning bell rings.

Yep, that sums it up.

So, there I was, sitting in my car allowing the chaos of the morning to envelope my mind and completely cover me in the heaviness of it’s awful remnants.

I took a swift look around my car. “What a mess!”, I morosely thought.

There were traces of dirt on the floor of the car, a few school supplies that had spilled out of the kid’s bags, an old lunch box (with who knows what inside of it…yuck) and it just felt suffocating. In that moment, I felt like screaming or crying or maybe doing both.

Thoughts of how immaculate my parents cars were and how clean one of my girlfriend’s car was began to pop into head making me feel even worse. (PS, that’s the Devil ya’ll..he’s the master guilt giver).

The point of this story isn’t to tell you not to compare yourself to others. It’s not to tell you that you are enough and no matter what season you’re in, it’s okay to not be okay.

Nope, the message today is this:

Maybe it wasn’t always like that for them.

Maybe my parent’s car wasn’t always spotless. Maybe my girlfriend’s car wasn’t always orderly and tidy.

As a matter of fact, I know my parent’s cars weren’t always perfectly uncluttered. I KNOW there was a time when they were in a season of having to rush out of the door to get my brother and I to school on time.

But that’s just it. Satan is in the business to fill our heads with lies. Lies that can and do make us feel ridiculously foolish.

Jesus says we are strong in Him. Jesus will meet us in our weakness every single time. Jesus will wrap us up in his compassion and give us love and hope each and every moment that we desperately call on it!

So, the next time we begin to compare our lives, our bodies or our circumstance take a moment to separate that ugly voice and replace it with kind words to yourself.

Say a silent prayer to Jesus to shut out the dark shameful voice. Shaming ourselves never got us anywhere anyhow!

Today I want to leave you with a few reminders of who you are and how much Jesus loves all of His hot mess creations.

1.He’s never thrown for a loop

God is never surprised by our feelings. He has created the universe, knows the future and in all of His glory and magnificence, is never shocked by our thoughts. When we feel disappointed in ourselves and full of shame He is waiting for us to call on Him. He is the right there next to us patiently waiting to wrap His loving arms around us.

2.He really does know best

Even in my best efforts and intentions, I’m still human. I still need His strength to get through my day. I still need His guidance to fulfill His plan. I’ll never be enough without Him. There’s an incredible amount of peace and joy when we lean into the fact that He knows best and will always work things out for our good!

3.He’s got what you need

God will never leave you. That’s a fact we can all rest confidently in. ANYTIME we feel weak or shamed or guilt ridden ALL we ever have to do is call out to Him. He is a God of grace and has an abundance of complete and utter reckless love for YOU!

So today maybe you’ve had a tough day. Maybe it doesn’t look like mine, but you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Jesus wants to fill you with hope. A kind of hope that brings peace and calamity. Remember he’ll always meet you where you’re at. Even in the dark season…especially in the dark seasons!

When you think of the people in your life that have it all together (or seem to), remember maybe it wasn’t always like that for them.

Maybe they have just gone through the same season you’re in.

Maybe they have been right where you are today.

Sisters, there’s hope. There’s always hope. I want to encourage you to lay it all down before Him. Lay down your guilt and shame. Take that step into his boundless grace and peace.