While I was washing my hair this morning (I don’t know about you but I do some of my best thinking when I’m washing, drying or fixing my hair).

Anyhow, I began to ponder about how I feel like I am finally getting this “Mom” thing down. I mean it’s only taken me 12 years right. And, holy moly, I still get those curve ball, struggle bus, hot mess express moments in truck loads sisters!

So, as my mind was hopping from one thought to the next (that squirrel was hard at work this morning haha), I thought of the Mamas that I knew that seemed like they had it all together.

Ya’ll, you know the ones that walk into school with one baby on their hip, two kids waddling behind them like cute little chicks and a tray of homemade cupcakes for their child’s birthday!

Well, let me be clear though, It’s probably just as much of a juggling act for this mom as it is for you to just make it out of the house on time with yoga pants, a messy bun and that coffee stain from the much needed cup you poured just a little too high as you mumble, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” under your breath!

She Has How Many Stickers?

This reminds me of my daughter’s reading sticker board she had in her 1st grade classroom a few years ago.

Each student got to pick out a reading book corresponding to their individual reading level. Then they would complete a test on that book.

Some kids would take a book home and take a test the very next day then grab another book for the next night.

Some of the kids would take a book home for a few days and take one test a week, and others would take a couple weeks to take the test.

There wasn’t a rush to complete the exam. My point is…At the beginning of the year some kids had 2 stickers and others had 10. Ya see, each student had a different learning curve.

Well, since I have my Master’s in being an overly concerned Mama Bear, I began to notice that my babe only had a few stickers.

I asked her teacher what I could do to help her catch up.

This is what the teacher said and let me tell ya it couldn’t have been more satisfying.

She said, “Don’t worry about it, all the kids even out at some point during the year. The students that are going at a rapid rate will be slowing down soon because they will be leveling up and the books get more difficult and it’ll take them longer to read their books, and the ones that are taking longer to read their books currently will be able to catch up.”

This was sweet sweet music to my ears! I was looking at it all wrong. My heart felt relieved and my eyes were open!

We ALL have different learning curves, different adaption time frames. Believe it or not I never knew how hard it would be for me to be a Mom.

Keeping it real, as usual. I wanted 4 kids…maybe 5! But in the end I have 2 beautiful children that keep me on my toes and fill my life with just enough crazy to ensure I’m done popping out babies!

Not A Complete Lunatic Coo Coo Bird

Be confident in the fact that IT DOES even out in the end! Be happy with your season, the season you’re in.

You ARE NOT behind! You are exactly where you need to and should be. Embrace your current progress.

You will one day be able to fix your hair and makeup before leaving the house.

You will one day have a clean home.

You will one day be able to juggle all of the mom stuff with coolness and buoyancy (Well, at least you’ll master the messy and craziness..it never really “balances” out…but you get what I’m saying!).

Now it may not always be an easy juggling act. Sometimes it’ll be machetes and other times it’ll be simple bean bags, but it will get smoother and eventually you will be able to add a few more items to the mix and not feel like a lunatic coo coo bird!

He’s Got You, Sis!

As I look back on my toughest seasons in life, I realize my walk with Jesus and my effort to seek His knowledge is what made me realize He has a perfect plan for my life and His huge loving, empathetic arms were always available to surround my craziness.

He never left me…even in my darkest times.

He was there.

I just had to call on Him. So, I encourage you to do the same. If you feel overwhelmed, call on Him and let it all out. He will carry you through, sister!

Just Toss It Out

PS..Here’s a little something I like to do when I feel overwhelmed…I write out the things I’m struggling with. I take that piece of paper and pray for calamity and peace.

Then I crumple that paper up and throw it away!

Believe it or not, this will make you feel so much better! Recognizing your struggles and giving them to Jesus is what gets this me through some sad, overwhelming and emotional times!