Hi, I’m Shanna, I am a work in progress towards being a recovered PRO procrastinator!

After all, Netflix, Facebook and Instagram are all begging me to engage in that new series or to scroll mindlessly for hours!

I know I’m not the only one out here that often feels that panic when a deadline is rolling near only to realize I have not gotten done what I needed to do weeks ago!

Here’s a little list of things I got so good at procrastinating with that I would actually convince myself that I thrived on that last minute frenzy attack that would drive me to actually get the task done:

  • Buying the supplies for my kid’s goody bags for their holiday class party
  • Putting together my outfit for an upcoming event (lets face it, they are few and far between the play dates, homework sessions and chauffeuring I do for my kids 24/7)
  • Filling out and turning in school forms for the kiddos
  • Packing for that trip I’ve known I was going on for the last month (or two)
  • Getting the house cleaned and ready for a party or event where actual people were going to be coming over and seeing the space I live in (yikes…let’s be honest…this freaks me out..more about that in another blog post!)
  • The list could go on for a bazillion pages…but lets stop here…
5 Ways To Overcome Procrastination

#1 MAKE A TASK LIST- This is the planning part!

For me, I like to write out my tasks or goals first. This helps me “unload” it from my brain and lift any pressure lingering in my mind.

Believe me, it sounds simple, but just writing it down can lighten the load! It clears my mind a little and makes space for other things I need to focus on!

So, if I need to buy something for one of my kids I make a list of things I need to get.

If I need to pack for a trip, I make a list of the things I may need to get before I go.

If I need to clean the house I make a quick list of the areas I want to tackle first!

#2 DON’T WAIT FOR THE PERFECT TIME- Have you ever heard of the saying, “Done is better than perfect”?

Often times, the idea of wanting things to be perfect can paralyze us and cause us to avoid starting the project, task or whatever it is we need to get done in the first place!

This is actually one of the reason’s, I believe people procrastinate to begin with..it’s why we procrastinate (well one of them anyhow!)

Here are the 3 reasons I think people procrastinate…(click that link to read all about it!).

Ok, back to not waiting around for that perfect moment…it’s nonexistent. Just getting started will erase those feelings of it not being the perfect time.

#3 DISMISS DISTRACTIONS- Take control over your day..don’t let your day control you!

Distractions can easily govern and influence your day towards procrastinating your tasks.

For example, I would much rather watch an episode of Grey’s than pack for my trip.

BUT, what I’ve realized is if I set up specific times to “work” (pack) and specific times to “play” (binge on social media) it helps me conquer my tasks faster! Instead of having the TV on in the background, I turn it off and just focus on packing (or whatever it is I need to get done).

#4 THINK POSITIVELY- I know, I know..sounds insignificant in comparison to getting things done and completing tasks on time. But this one is huge for me!

When I start thinking

“Oh, this is going to take forever”

I begin to unknowingly hesitate…thus, slingshotting me into inactivity because I’ve already defeated myself with my very own thoughts!

Crazy huh!

Or what about these thoughts

“I’ll do it tomorrow”


“It’ll take forever to do this, I’ll do it later”

Sound familiar?

I remember listening to a podcast (I cannot for the life of me remember which one) and it suggested taking a piece of paper out and writing down “responses” to your own negative self talk regarding getting things done and not procrastinating.

Stay with me, guys…here’s a great example

If you are thinking of hitting up Micheals to gather the supplies for your kid’s goody bags, you might think

“Oh the traffic will be terrible”


“I’ll go tomorrow”

Rival these thoughts by rationally responding like this

“If I wait to go tomorrow, I’ll put it off again and again…if I want to get it done I need to go today.”

#5 GIVE IT YOUR BEST EFFORT- Don’t get this confused with doing it perfect.

What I mean is, if you’re going to do it, then DO IT! Don’t give it half of your effort and be upset when it isn’t what you expected in the end.

I mean I used to be the queen of telling myself I was making headway when in fact I was just spinning my wheals and giving off the impression I was working towards my goals. Or I would totally cut corners because it was easier only to have to make it up by spending that much more time on it later.

It’s always worth it to go all in and just get it done! Trust me, I’ve wasted tears and time on trying to do it at 50% when the project required 100%!

Encouragement for You

So there ya have it…just a few ways to help combat procrastination!

I’d love to encourage you today by saying how incredibly capable you are of getting everything done! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and slam down any effort towards getting things done.

And if you are utterly at rock bottom with motivation let me point you towards Jesus and His ever ending pursuit to love you wholeheartedly!

He’s always there with arms wide open and zero judgement.

Cheers towards gaining the mindset and efficiency you need to take action and make substantial movement towards your goals!